About Us

Integrated Management Consulting

CV. Business and Information Consultant was founded by Dr. Alex Tribuana Sutanto, ST., MM in 2012. We are a company that has three divisions, namely HEBAT Business Consulting, HEBAT Technology, and HEBAT Creative Content Creating.
HEBAT Business Consulting is a business consulting group who prioritize Integrated Management solutions with specialization in Strategic Management, Marketing Management, and Service Management which is strongly supported by a team of experts, professionals, and experienced in their fields to help your business run well so as to achieve high performance and continuous competitiveness.
HEBAT Technology is a technology development division that focuses on making custom software (desktop, web-based, and android), websites, and designing Internet of Things (IoT) that can improve the accuracy of monitoring your business performance and improve your quality of life. Custom software and websites that we design are tailored to the needs of your company’s business processes so that your work becomes easier and more accurate. The Internet of things (IoT) that we have designed leads to the automation of electronic devices and various aspects of life to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your work.

HEBAT Creative Content Creating is a team of experts, professionals, and creative in the field of videography and photography, who can help you create interesting content to improve the marketing performance of your business, campaigns, and even marketing yourself. To support the marketing performance of the generated contents, we are also supported by a solid Social Media Marketing team and a Search Engine Optimizer team.