Integrated Management Consulting

A. Consulting (System Design and Technical Guidance)
Our consulting group not only helps to design systems, but also helps you carry out technical guidance so as to increase the effectiveness of your business activities. Some of our consulting services are :
1. Company planning to achieve excellent performance, using :
a. Scenario Planning : Strategic planning in a highly dynamic business environment.
b. Strategic Planing :
i. Synergize the company’s long-term goals with short-term activities.
ii. Synergize the work program and the goals in each division / departement within the company.
2. Managing Planned Change using Balanced Scorecard :
a. Make strategic changes and improve the overall company performance.
b. Establish a strategy map (blueprint) to go on a continuous excellent performance.
c. Establish and implement key performance indicators (KPI) of employees.
3. Toward Operating Procedure Excellence using ISO 9001 : 2008 standard :
a. Establish and implement procedures that work effectively and efficiently through a system of continuous improvement.
b. Establish and implement procedures to standardize the company’s products and services.
c. Establish and implement procedures to reduce the waste / scrap and increase productivity.
d. Synergize the activity or daily working procedures between departments within the company.
e. Improving the documentation system or daily work activities, so as to facilitate the measurement of company performance.
4. Improve your decision making quality using research-based strategy :
a. Increasing the quantity and quality of data and information obtained by the company, which can be useful to assist in decision making.
b. Facilitate the company to obtain the necessary informations about competititors or competition.
c. Improve the accuracy or quality of the decisions made by the decision maker in the company.
5. Retail business model / retail management :
a. Establish and implement a business model that is qualified and able to make a retail company has a sustainable competitive advantages.
b. Modify business processes to improve effciency and effectiveness.
6. Toward customer service excellence :
a. Increase employees service quality toward customers so as to satisfy customers and increase the customers loyalty.
b. Establish and implement management system for performance monitoring and evaluations of employees services toward customers.
7. Marketing strategy development :
a. Establish and implement a marketing model that does not treat the customers as a source of income, but treating customers as partners (Customer Centered Marketing Model).
b. Improve the brand image.
c. Improve and synergize marketing practices between above the line and below the line.
8. Human resources management strategy development :
a. Establish and implement effective employee recruitment and selection strategies.
b. Establish and implement the required training curriculum in accordance with the company’s business processes.
c. Design and implement employee performance monitoring and evaluation strategies.
9. Analyzing Business Processes and Work Procedures, and Correcting Weaknesses in Business Processes and Related Work Procedures.