Software developer

Integrated Management Consulting

A. Custom Software Development
Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, and organizations. In contrast to other commercial software, custom software aims at a narrowly defined set of requirements.
Some of the benefits that custom software can offer are listed below :
1. The organization can get a high-quality software that fits in well and works seamlessly with the organizations’ systems. Something that is built from scratch can work for the day-to-day processes, work intuitively and seamlessly.
2. Customized software can integrate multiple processes that are already working well in your organization.
3. Changes in the app use, changes, updates and extra modules can be done easily.
4. Organizations grow, only customized software solution can grow with it.
5. Custom software is cost-effective in the long run.
6. Custom software offers more security as the hackers are not familiar with a software that’s been built from scratch.
7. It reduces risks with enhanced data encryption and security measures.
8. Custom software does not eschew the inherent restrictions of the existing tools.
9. Custom software can be used by the user easily.

Some examples of custom software that we have made are:
1. Restoran Padang software “Dua Saudara” : a combination of web-based and android software.
2. Automotive software for Honda motorcycle dealers “Anugrah Jaya” : web-based software.
3. Inventory control software at the “Fajar Agung” bookstore : web-based software.
4. Automotive sales software for Honda car dealers “Honda Lampung Raya” : a combination of web-based and android software.
5. Business software for corn transport expeditions : a combination of web-based and android software.
6. Business software for frame manufacturers “Lotus” : a combination of web-based and android software.
7. Business software for “Dwi Manunggal Motor” car spare parts shop : a combination of web-based and android software.
8. Business software for the “Tri Jaya” building material store : desktop-based software.
9. Employee attendance software for a typical Lampung gift shop “Aneka Sari Rasa” : web-based software.

B. Website Development
We serve static and dynamic website development. Static websites are websites that display information to users and there are no two-way transactions on the website. A dynamic website is a website that displays information to users and is accompanied by two-way transactions on the website.
Some examples of websites that we have developed are :
1. Asosiasi Manajemen Indonesia Chapter Lampung :
2. The typical souvenir shop center in Lampung “Aneka Sari Rasa”:
3. Honda car dealers “Honda Lampung Raya”: